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Cannabinoid Profiles

Accurate cannabinoid profiles are essential for providing a reliable dosage and consistent product to patients. Level One Labs uses Agilent's 1100 HPLC with Diode Array to accurately measure major and minor cannabinoids in flower, infused products and concentrates.

Terpene Profile

With ever increasing diversity, Cannabis produces a variety of unique smells and flavors. Level One uses gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to accurately measure a wide array of Terpenes.

Residual Solvent Screen

Level One uses gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to measure leftover solvents in concentrate products. Companies strive to remove all solvents from their final product. Our lab results prove to patients and wholesalers you have refined your trade. 

Microbial Analysis Screen

One of the biggest problems plaguing production, and currently a hot button topic in Arizona, is mold. Using 3M Petrifilm plates, Level One Labs can assist in identifying contaminants such as yeast, mold, E. Coli. and Salmonella.  

Pesticide Screen

Level One Labs works with providers to ensure pesticides are removed from products before they hit the shelves. We work with you to create custom pesticide lists for your needs.

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